All prices costs are in euro (€) and include Italian IVA (or Value Added Tax; VAT in English).

It is possible to change the currency so as to be exempt from Tax, this may be the case for certain Countries outside the European Union or Businesses.

For Businesses, custom duties and other cost's related to customs and VAT, if required to pay are to be covered by the buyer. 

The total amount that will be debited (or which will have to be paid by bank transfer) is the same, in the chosen currency, that you will find in the last page of your order confirmation.

Every service cost for receiving payment (for example; Bank Transfer; the cost may vary depending on which bank is used) has to be covered by the customer.


Bank Transfer

Once the desired items have been purchased an email will be sent with details for the Bank Transfer. To quick the time period normally needed to associate the payment with the customers order, we suggest sending a copy of the bank transfer transaction to so as to speed up this process .

IN EVERY CASE, the order will prepared and sent ONLY after payment has been received (using Intesa San Paolo bank this is in realtime). Every commission cost for bank transfers are to be paid by the buyer. These costs differ depending on what contract is in place with your bank. It takes about 2-3 working days for the bank transfer transaction.

UNICREDIT - Via Cefalonia 53 - 25124 Brescia (BS) - Italy 


SECURE gateway (with coding used for communicating details) PAYPAL where, by login/registration, it is possible carry out payment. Details received concerning your credit card will be treated by Paypal in harmony with legislation that is in force. NO data or details will be sent to Bio-Clock. When the payment transaction is complete the order will be automatically sent to our order processing system. Payment must be made, or it will not be possible to finalize your order. If your order is successful you will be redirected to an order confirmation web page which will confirm your payment and two emails will be sent to you; one from Bio-Clock and the other from Paypal, where you will find the order summary.

The transaction made will have the title "Bioclock di Adriano Prandelli”. 


Possible problems with PayPal may be:

Email not received: If after having made payment using Paypal you receive an email from paypal but not from us, we ask that you kindly contact us indicating your email and your Paypal accounts email. This will help us check your order status, which if not present will be inserted by ourselves.

Restricted Purchase: This means you have restrictions on you account. It is necessary to contact Paypal for further information on this matter or continue with the payment choosing another means of payment.

Transaction Denied: Transaction Denied: Paypal does not authorize this transaction. Choose another payment method or contact customer services at Paypal for further information.

Shortage of Finacial Resources: Paypal has denied the transaction due to shortage of financial resources in your paypal account. This may be due to an expired uploaded credit card.

It is possible to choose another payment method, if this doesn't work contact Paypal to get further information on the subject.

Transaction Refused because buyer at risk: Paypal has deemed the users account as a risk and therefore has denied the transaction. For further information it is necessary to contact customer services at paypal.

General errors: In case of a general error, for more information on this subject please contact Paypal. Paypal invites the user to choose another payment method.

Credit Card (Visa, Visa electron, Mastercard)

SECURE gateway (with coding used for communicating details) respecting the treatment for data of a highly sensitive nature and matters involving privacy. No extra costs are added for this type of payment.

The transaction will have "Bioclock di Adriano Prandelli” as its title.

Credited in realtime: if a refund has been given it may take a couple of days to be visualized (depending on what credit card is used).


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